Season 9 Episode 11

Episode 367


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 1st January 2006


Directed By

Reza Moradi


GS: Child Casper (Connor Maynard)  Child Eugene (Kayode Anderson) 

Terry Rose (Craig Fairbrass)  Fraser Hibbs (Ross Boatman)  Julie Rose (Emma Davies) 

Diane Christie (Josie D’Arby)  Teenage Casper (Jake Grave)  Teenage Eugene (Daniel Anthony)  Jessica Hibbs (Sam Grey)  Alan Curbishley (as himself)  Room Service Porter (Simon Nuckley)


Casper is rushed to hospital, and in the ambulance he experiences flashes of the Charlton Athletic Youth Academy where he trained as a child. Eugene shows up at the hospital as Cass is brought through. He yells at his brother not to die as he hasn't said sorry yet(!) and Ashleigh is appalled. Eugene breaks down crying as we are taken back to the day he and Cass met, 14th February 1994.




Eugene, aged ten watches as Terry Rose drives his son up outside the Charlton academy. Terry tells Cass, aged eleven, that he is to tell his mom his dad stayed to watch him play when really he is getting ready to meet another woman. Cass gets out and sees his coach Fraser Hibbs, whose daughter Jessica has come along, and is the same age as Cass. Eugene joins the other boys in the dressing room, and is teased by another boy, Sam (who is the spitting image of Sean Campbell, see 402: Deadline Day) over using thick schoolbooks as shinnies. Out on the pitch Hibbsy pairs Cass and Eugene together for the first time and is amazed by the results. After the session, the other boys leave to be collected by their parents, and Cass is left waiting for Terry who hasn't turned up. Eugene comes past and the two are properly introduced for the first time, with Eugene's second name being Christie. Eugene tells Cass he'd rather be offered forms at Liverpool, where his hero John Barnes plays. Cass thinks Karl Fletcher at Harchester is better! Eugene heads off home on his own and Hibbsy comes out to tell Cass Terry is running late. Hibbsy refers to Eugene as the little black lad and Cass puts him straight as his name being Eugene.



 Terry Rose - always a contender

 for Father of the Year

Good casting for the 11-year-old Eugene

As 1994 passes, Casper and Eugene become the stars of the Charlton academy, an unstoppable scoring duo at every match. By New Years Eve 1994, Hibbsy has grown annoyed at Terry's constant lateness at picking Casper up from training, and calls him on one of his excuses by telling Terry whoever kept him wears Chanel No.5. Following this, Hibbsy also lets Terry know that Casper is good enough to now sign forms, and Terry celebrates by taking Cass off to McDonalds for tea. Eugene is last out and Hibbsy calls him over, saying he has money to give him over Eugene not collecting any travelling fees all year. He also says he needs to speak with his dad about making his stay more permanent, but Gene looks away and makes it clear he doesn't have a dad at home. Eugene takes Hibbsy back to the flat where he lives with his mom, Diane Christie (Di, it's even in her name!). Diane is shocked to see Hibbsy, and he instantly remembers her after she gives him a cool reception. Hibbsy asks Diane when Eugene was born and she tells him to get out, clearly troubled by the past.


Fraser drives to Terry's mansion where he is greeted by Cass' mother Julie (Terry & Julie - Waterloo Sunset). Terry comes out and they speak alone, with Hibbsy reminding him of this night twelve years ago; December 31st 1982, the night Julie went into hospital to have Casper, and what Terry was doing: He was in a club with Diane, where Fraser was obviously present, and with Terry all over her she shouts to a friend that she's “Liverpool through and through.” Hibbsy explains he went to Eugene's house and met Diane, and how Eugene is around eleven years old. After Terry is ratty with Casper over learning he might have another son, Cass sneaks out and heads to Eugene's where he shows him Terry's credit card that he’s pinched, and says the two of them are going to watch Harchester play Liverpool tomorrow on New Years Day, also Casper’s birthday.


Terry and Julie have contacted the police following Casper's disappearance, and Terry leaves to go and check with Diane after learning what he has that day. By nightfall, Cass and Eugene have arrived in Harchester at the Grange (as it looked in 1994), and are soon alone in the room Cass booked using the card. Terry comes barging into Diane's flat looking for Cass, and they soon learn Eugene has disappeared too. Terry feels guilty at the possibility of Eugene being his son, and having heard from Fraser what a blinding player he is, tries to give Diane money to help him with kit. It is then Terry finds that Casper has taken his credit card. In order to see what room John Barnes is staying in at the Grange, Cass sneaks onto the reception computer while the coast is clear. From the other room, where Liverpool F.C are partying, the countdown begins to a new year, and Cass tells Eugene solemnly that it's now his birthday. As they wait outside Barnsey's room, the two fall asleep but are awoken as Razor Ruddock and Ian Rush pass, and John Barnes is about to enter his room. The two approach him and get him to sign autographs before posing for a picture with them.


The next morning, New Year’s Day 1995, the two travel to Addison Road for the Harchester/Liverpool game. They have to approach a tout to get tickets and end up sitting in the home stand. As the game kicks off the police have arrived at the ground on the lookout for Cass and Eugene. Terry and Julie watch the game from their mansion, with Hibbsy and Diane sitting in, seeing if they can spot the boys. When Liverpool score, Eugene stands up and cheers and has to be pulled down by Cass, reminding him they are in the home end. The two are spotted and soon have been driven back down to London. As Eugene gets out, Diane comes sprinting from the door, and is so relieved that he is OK she runs straight into the road and is run over. Eugene watches as his mom lies motionless and bleeding on the ground.




 Mr John Barnes - always happy

 to make an appearance

There's a speed bump there as well!




 Marlon was bad news even



Hibbsey lays down the law to Terry

Nearly three years pass to Boxing Day 1997, and Julie is worried Cass is suffering from depression, telling Terry his fathering could be to blame. All Terry cares about is getting Casper, now nearly fifteen, to training to make him as good a player as he was. At the academy, Terry already has his eye on the teenage Jessica Hibbs, and from the car park Eugene and Marlon are plotting a robbery until Eugene sees Cass. During training, the two break into Hibbsy's office, and Jessica stumbles upon them, locking them in. She runs outside and tells her dad, who is determined not to let Eugene slip away again, telling Cass to go and talk to him. Before long, Cass and Eugene are communicating again like they used to, and Hibbsy goes to speak with Terry. Fraser informs Terry that Eugene is in a kids’ home, and believes he is an orphan. Terry is more interested in waiting for Julie's father to snuff it so he can have his payday, and after being married to her for almost twenty years he isn't going to risk her learning he has another son. Fraser calls Terry’s bluff and tells him he is threatening him to do the right thing. Now fearing for his inheritance, Terry sets about convincing Julie to accept Eugene into their home. Whilst she is at first adamant it won't happen, Terry manipulates her into remembering how if Cass hadn't convinced Eugene to run away his mother might still be alive, and they owe it to Eugene.


By January 1998 Eugene has moved into the Rose's home. As Cass shows him his bedroom he says Terry wouldn't let him go to Diane's funeral, and how he missed not seeing Eugene at the football afterwards. Dinner at the Roses’ isn't something Eugene is accustomed to, and Casper can tell, so he sneaks him off in his dad's car to go clubbing. There, Cass meets up with his regular girlfriend “Anna-Banana” whilst Eugene is reintroduced to Jessica Hibbs, who still has the same flame for him as she did when she was eleven. As 1998 passes, Cass and Eugene's skill on the pitch has returned to its former glory and by the summer of 2000, the two are signed to Charlton as professional players.

 Cass takes Eugene joyriding

 (he's most definately safer than

 with Marlon though!)







And Jessica only needed to change once










Charlton are promoted to the Premiership for the 2000-01 season and on the day of their promotion from the championship, Terry collapses after showing slight signs of illness for the past couple of years. At the hospital they are told Terry is suffering from Leukaemia and that a family member would be a best match for a bone marrow transplant. After Cass proves negative, Terry tells the doctor to test Eugene and the secret is out. Julie finishes with Terry and Eugene knows he has to move out of the Roses', packing his bags before going into hospital for the transplant.

Casper cannot look at Eugene the same way













Cass' plan is in full swing... the destruction of his brother






Nearly 12 years and Mrs Rose doesn't look an episode older!

 Not available in purple (until

















 Time to become an official






 Jessica has a decision to make






  And it looks like she made it...
























Eugene and Jessica get their own flat and by Christmas Day 2000 Jessica fears she may be pregnant. Eugene has gone off the rails following the Terry revelation and is knocking about with his boys i.e. Marlon again. They turn up on Christmas Day for Eugene to tell them his dream club Liverpool are coming to watch him play on Saturday. Jessica meanwhile takes her test in the bathroom and is confirmed to be pregnant. Cass too has gone off the rails since the news of Eugene being Terry's son and Hibbsy warns him that Charlton are convinced he isn't a Premiership player anymore. Julie is drinking more since she and Terry split and tells Cass that his father wants the family home in the divorce. Two journalists come to the door and inform Cass about Liverpool visiting Eugene, and he then gets a call for a meeting with Alan Curbishley (always keen to make a DT appearance!). At the club Cass is told that Millwall have put a bid in for him for the January transfer window and both Curbs and the Chairman both want him to take it.


Cass turns to Hibbsy as a last resort but finds Jess instead, who confides in him about being pregnant with Eugene's baby and not knowing what to do. Armed with this knowledge over Eugene, and believing he is being forced out of a Premier League team simply because Eugene could be on his way to Liverpool, Cass plots to use this to get revenge on his brother. At the flat, as he shows him an old match from his playing days, Terry lies to Eugene that he only knew that he was his son from the break-in onwards, and that Hibbsy knew long before but didn't tell him as he's always had a thing for Julie! Cass comes in and reminds Eugene that their last game together will be against Harchester and wants them to drive up there together. Terry then tells Eugene that as he plays like he did, it's time he took on his father's name and became an official Rose, which Casper is just thrilled about.


On their way to the Dragons Lair that Saturday, Cass stops the car on the side of the road where he already has his own car waiting. He and Eugene get out and Cass tells him that Jessica is about to have an abortion, and that he only has time to make one decision - stop her or play the game and get his Liverpool deal. Eugene realises this is all because Terry is proud of him and Casper cannot stand it, which he doesn't deny. Eugene chooses the game, only his play is affected by what he knows about Jessica. Anna-Banana accompanies Jessica to her appointment, but soon Jessica has left the room in tears and Anna consoles her. Eugene's game is poor, and an unimpressed Curbs takes him off, kissing goodbye to his Liverpool deal. To add insult to injury, Cass is brought on to replace him and Eugene flips, attacking his brother and punching him to the ground. A full on fight breaks out with Eugene even striking Danny Sullivan.


And that was the end of Casper and Eugene's relationship for the next four years. Now, December 2005 and Eugene arrives at the hospital to see Casper, and finds Julie waiting outside. She tells Eugene she's glad he came, and that Cass is out of danger now. She hands Eugene a souvenir bag she found when collecting Casper's things and inside he finds a Hoola Hoop packet and the photo of them both with John Barnes as souvenirs of their night at the Grange. Eugene smiles and goes in to see his brother.




· Although questionable from Season 1 that Harchester had been in the Premiership before 1997-98, it is now written that the Dragons were founding members when the League was formed in 1992-93, and had their first top-flight stint to their relegation to the First Division at the end of 1994-95, the season seen here with Harchester v. Liverpool.


Best Known For: The brilliant Craig Fairbrass remains best known for his role as Dan Sullivan on “EastEnders” from 1999-2001. He also starred alongside Ross Boatman (Hibbsey) in long running ITV drama "London's Burning" in the early 90's. Emma Davies began her acting career on the underrated ITV soap opera “Families”, playing Juliette Bannerman from 1992-1993, and more recently had a regular role as Anna De Souza on “Emmerdale” (2008-09). Josie D’Arby began her television career presenting on Children’s BBC (where she would be during Diane’s scenes here) before breaking into acting and becoming a regular TV personality. Among his credits, Daniel Anthony has starred in “Doctors” (2006) and would be best known as Clyde Langer in “The Sarah Jane Adventures” for it's whole 2007-11 run.  


· The Best: Finding out that after being portrayed as the bad guy since he arrived, Eugene really was the wronged guy and Casper was the one who began the feud out of jealousy. The castings for the flashback – everything is spot on. Re-visiting Addison Road, for the first time since 1999 (#140, also Dream Team 80’s to come).


Logic: Cass says it was his goals that got Charlton promoted – being nine months older than Gene he surely would have been in the first team before him, although during the 1999-00 season both would have been under eighteen years old and unable to sign professional contracts. Lee Presley had to wait. Danny appears playing in the Harchester first team, as ‘Sullivan’ set in December 2000. He didn’t officially appear until the beginning of Season 5 in 2001, and was credited as his real name Husbands, not Sullivan for his first season. Although it could be he was breaking through from the reserves to the first team during the 2000-01 season.


· Quotes: Julie (to Fraser): "You were there? While my son was being born you were there egging him on to screw some tart!" and to Terry: "And you... how many other bastards have you fathered?! Forget him, [Eugene] half the kids in London are probably a match".


Continuity: In DT time, the Boxing Day 1997 scenes would have taken place around 1.22 (#22) and 1.23 (#23). The January 1998 scenes between 1.25 (#25) and 1.32 (#32). The May 2000 scenes surrounding Terry’s collapse around 3.62 (#202), and the Christmas 2000 scenes between 4.12 (#214) and 4.13 (#215).The shots of Ron Atkinson (Harchester United manager 1992-1997) were clearly taken from #1. We see scenes of Fletch, as he would have been during the 1994-95 season (shots also used from the first episode), Ray Wyatt, Danny Rawsthorne, Matt Conlon (mentioned) and Campbell Hooper in 2000 (shots from Season 4). Addison Road (really Vicarage Road, home to Watford FC) fourth home to HUFC from 1908-1999, is rightfully seen again, visited by Cass and Gene in January 1995.


· Foreshadowing: Jessica reappears with a surprise for Eugene in 376: Five Steps.


Additional Info: As a 90 minute episode, this aired in an 20:30-22:00 timeslot on Sky One. Casper, Eugene, Ashleigh and Sully are the only current DT regulars to appear in this episode. Liverpool were England's most successful club in the 1994-95 season. The children’s home Eugene is sent to is called Matthew House. From the Rose’s divorce papers, Julie's maiden name is Julie Anna Dickinson.


· Soundtrack: Bliss: “Song For Olabi, Blur: "Parklife", DJ Luck & MC Neat: "A Little Bit of Luck", Oasis: "Stand by Me", Ozzy Osbourne: "In My Life", Primal Scream: "Rocks", Rank 1: “Airwave”, Stakka Bo: “Here We Go”, Toploader: “Achillies Heel.”


Behind The Scenes: Jane revealed the inspiration behind young Eugene’s story came from Darren “Tyson” White. And how a lot of Eugene’s moments were based on what Darren said, including him being signed up by a club as a kid (in his case, Millwall).


Screencaps from 9.11’s original broadcast on Sky One on 01/01/06.


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