Season 9 Episode 30

Episode 386


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 7th May 2006


Directed By

Maurice Hutchinson


GS: DCI Burrows (Matthew Dennison)  Lawyer [Joan Solomon] (Biddy Wells) 

DC Jameson (Ward Perry)  Tiffany [WPC] (Kelly-Marie Kerr)


The club holds a memorial service for Casper, in which a guilt-ridden Alex asks how well any of them really knew Cass. He credits his brother as a great footballer, man and friend before Eugene takes his place at the stand. As Eugene speaks, Ryan enters the room and Eugene yells at him to get out, accusing him of killing Casper over the cheating. The memorial service stops, and Danny and Tyson take Gene to the boardroom followed by Lynda.



Danny and Tys question Lynda about the match fixing, which has now become public knowledge to the club only, and she tells them nothing happened, reminding them the cup final in a few weeks is more important. Lynda sits down with Eugene and reminds him how Ryan couldn't have been responsible as he was with Sully at the time. She says there are three league games and a cup final to come, and there's no-one in charge now Duval has quit. Eugene asks Lynda why she couldn't just do it, and Lynda goes into how paperwork would need to be sorted at this hard time (but secretly nearly falls off her chair in delight). The team go running by the canal and hold a meeting as to whether they should let Ryan back into the squad again. Hector is for, as if they win the final their World Cup prospects will be greatly improved, while Liam is against for the decency of the game. They take a vote and the team decide to take Ryan back.


Alex goes into the dressing room, where disgusted with himself, he prepares to scrub himself clean in the shower. He is spooked (not the only one!) by Ashleigh sitting silently behind him, and in a Sixth-Sense-like tone whispers that she thinks she killed Cass. Alex listens intently as she says she thinks there's something there but just can't get to it, and mentions how the police could put her under hypnosis. This worries Alex, and he tells her to go home, or go see her dad in Miami, as they can do without her for a couple of weeks. Ashleigh is scared she is being fired, and confides in Ryan, asking could someone kill even if they didn't think they were capable? Ryan replies given the right circumstances i.e. referring to his own experience, and Ashleigh decides she has to try and remember what happened on the day. She and Ryan go to the Grange where she orders two bottles of Cristal.


At his house, Eugene tells Chloe he wishes he didn't own half the club, and she states he is in a position most footballers dream of. She adds that once the grieving for Casper has passed Eugene will want something to come back to, and with Dragonscorp he can buy anyone he wants, only to let her take care of business until then. Lynda walks in as Alex is scrubbing himself hard in the showers. He snaps that he kills a man and inherits a club, before becoming a dad. Lynda tells him she's been where he is, as she confessed, but it didn't bring back the man she killed. The best way to show Casper how sorry he is is to win the FA Cup like he wanted. As he dries off, Alex's ink stained shirt falls out of his sports bag, and Lynda is horrified he is carrying it around with him. They go to a wooded area where Lynda pours petrol over the clothing before watching it burn. They get back to the Grange to be met by Inspector Burrows, and entering the Blue Room Lynda spots Ashleigh with Ryan. She goes over and berates Ryan for allowing Ashleigh to do something so stupid, before taking her away.


Alex learns to his shock that the police are investigating Eugene's story in relation to how he found Casper's body. In her room, Ashleigh is told by Lynda that she is overruling Alex on his decision to send Ashleigh home, as he'll need her beside him for the Wigan game. Burrows informs Alex that Duval, Casper's executor, has filled them in on what was going on in the Birdman photos. Burrows puts forward his belief that Eugene wouldn't want the story to come out what with his hopes for Germany, and then to learn it was his brother behind it all. Alex can't listen any longer and leaves to prepare for the game. During said game, Chloe confronts Lynda about her negotiating another two years as Chief Executive on her contract with Eugene. She tells Lynda she was given the go ahead to run the club until the end of the season, and beyond that Chloe has advised Eugene to advertise the post. Lynda retorts that she is sure Chloe can't wait to get in.


That night, Alex and Eugene sit in his house, discussing the position they are now in as brothers. Alex tells Eugene that his father knew, and how he feels for him, knowing that Alex's mom had cheated on him. The two men toast to now seeing each other as family. The next day Ryan announces that his ban has been officially lifted. The lads cheer but Eugene yells at Ryan to get out, as according to him, he has played his last game for the club. Ryan reminds Eugene he can't do anything without Alex's say-so, so Eugene demands Alex is fetched. Alex is annoyed at the press coverage he is receiving over his potential to succeed Sven as England manager, and he and Lynda are once again interrupted by Burrows. Burrows tells them he'd like Eugene to take part in a televised appeal to help the investigation. Alex is not happy, as Eugene has three more games to prepare for, but Burrows makes it clear to Alex and Lynda that they do not have a choice in this.


Alex storms down to the dressing room where the team have gathered, and Eugene is pacing menacingly. Chloe spells out Eugene's terms to Alex - that Ryan doesn't train with the team again and will be sold at the earliest opportunity. Eugene demands Ryan is removed by security, but Danny steps in and tells Eugene they need to admit they need Ryan for the next games, so if he is asking him to go, he is asking the rest of the team to go. The team follow Danny as he leaves the dressing room, and Eugene yells at them to come back. He then turns on both Alex and Chloe before Detective Burrows shows up, now more convinced than ever that Eugene has something to hide. Alex goes to Lynda yelling that the police are trying to trap Eugene with this appeal. He can't take it anymore and shows Lynda he is prepared to confess. She panics and tells him he'll be putting her in prison too, with the baby.


The day of the Man City game, Eugene tells Lynda and Chloe he wants to do the appeal. Lynda talks him out of it, as Alex wants Eugene's mind focussed on the game, and says she will do it herself, promising Eugene she will make it a success. Amy and Alex watch Lynda do the appeal from the boardroom, and Amy gushes about how brave Lynda is doing this for Eugene. As scenes of Casper playing as a boy are shown, Lynda has to leave to be sick (at least we don't have to see it this time!). After she comes out, she and Alex kiss, not realising Burrows is watching from a distance, and he now thinks he's got it sussed in his mind. He points out the parallels to DC Jameson, of this case to that of Prashant Dattani's murder, and how Lynda is obsessed with the place i.e. inheritance. After the team leave for Manchester, Burrows goes in on Amy, reminding her she will be obstructing a police inquiry if she stalls them, and demands to know Lynda's password for which she used to communicate with the owner.


In the away dressing room, a brawl breaks out between Eugene, Ryan and Hector, and Alex leaves Ashleigh to sort it as Amy calls him in hysterics. She tips Alex off that the police think Lynda killed Cass, and he tries to get in touch with her, only Lynda has left her phone outside while she has a bath. Ashleigh takes control of the fight, and puts Eugene in his place over his right to call himself Casper's brother after the way he has behaved. As the team head out, Hector congratulates her on her handling of the situation, suggesting she is good enough to take the England manager's job.


Detective Inspector Burrows comes knocking on Lynda’s door, and after brief pleasantries, he reveals he knows she is pregnant by Alex and comments on how 50% of Harchester United was just what she always wanted. Lynda is taken down the station for questioning. Burrows points out to Lynda that from speaking to Duval they have learnt she knew that Casper was the owner the day before the will was read, and that she would have known he and Alex were related before Alex himself. Lynda realises she is now in serious trouble. At the game, a pass from Liam sends Harchester 1-up with a goal from Ryan on his return from his ban.




·          The Best: Jamie Lomas does a good job throughout as the on-edge Dempsey (or Rose now). Hector’s compliment to Ashleigh is nice - and also Pedro Cunha’s last shout as Hector to be honest.


Quotes: Chloe to Eugene (on Lynda): "You do know what you've signed here, the stupidest woman in football gets her job back."


·          Continuity: Ryan hints at his killing of Steve to Ashleigh (297: The Call Up). More scenes from 366: War Of The Roses are shown (Conor Maynard as Child Casper).


Additional Info: 83% of The World’s readers want Alex as the next England manager.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester beat Wigan 2-0 with goals from Eugene (dedicated to Casper) and Tyson. A pass from Liam sends Harchester 1-up from Man City with a goal from Ryan.


Soundtrack: Orson: “No Tomorrow”,  The Flaming Lips: "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song",  The Strokes: "Juicebox."


Screencaps from 9.30’s original broadcast on Sky One on 07/05/06.


 A vote for Ryan...

I see dead players!



 Competition for the job

Danny defends Ryan from Eugene



 Rose brothers reformed

Cass grinning... as he would be at the mess he's left



 Gene is taken down a peg

 (though not in a Fletch way!)

Even from the grave, the owner continues to make Lynda suffer


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