Alex Dempsey/Rose (Jamie Lomas) 2005-2006

First Regular Appearance: 9.3 (#359) Women Trouble  Sunday 30th October 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 10.4 (#391) All Good Things…  Sunday 19th November 2006

Duration: EP: 359 - 391 ½ SE: 9.3 – 10.4

Position: First Team Coach (2005-2006) / Manager (2006) / Chairman of Harchester United (2006)

Last Seen: Confessing all to Detective Burrows after losing Lynda and the team. Is held in custody to await his trial.



Alex always tried to be the best he could, both as a player and a man. Growing up believing he was an only child, Alex only really had his dad after his mother passed away, and in his twenties had a short-lived failed marriage. There was something else though - a mysterious force who began writing to Alex but deliberately left themselves unknown, only making contact in the form of fountain-pen written letters. This person also had the power to control Alex's path in the game, something else he remained unaware of. Alex may not have been the most talented player, and definitely not England International worthy, but fully deserved to be where he was professionally, even without the benefactor’s influence.




By the time he turned 28 in 2003, Alex was settled in his midfielder position at Sheffield Wednesday, and all had gone quiet on the letters front. It was at this time during a pre-season friendly with Crewe Alexandra that Alex suffered a crippling injury from a tackle by opponent Liam Mackay. He was told his career was over, but the letter-writer (to Alex still the same person) didn’t want to give up on him, and saw to it that Wednesday were able to send Alex to Richard Steadman, the specialist knee surgeon. He received the best treatment, but Alex never made it back onto the pitch.


Alex naturally progressed into coaching, as if it were his calling in sport above kicking a ball. Over the next two years he achieved his badges, and by the beginning of the 2005-06 season, receives a letter signed by newly-returned Harchester United Chief Executive Lynda Block, offering him the position of First Team Coach. Alex jumps at the chance, getting to work with Premiership talent and for a manager he hugely respects in Felix Hahn. The only downside being Liam Mackay is now a player at the club, and Alex makes it clear he will never forgive the Scotsman for taking away his livelihood.


Alex develops feelings for Lynda, and he secretly admires her from afar. The two reach a further bond when they both discover each are seemingly being controlled by the same faceless-being - the person writing to Alex for years is HUFC’s new owner, and was behind his appointment at the club, even forging Lynda’s signature on the letter. Things deepen when the owner's actions see Felix, and his replacement Laurie Hannigan removed from position as manager, all paving the way for Alex to get his dream role and become the Premier League's youngest manager.


Liam is in trouble again for the same tackle he used on Alex, ending another rival player’s career. Lynda does all she can to stand by Liam as a player of ther club, while Alex believes he should be punished by having his career taken away, like what happened to him. Alex's grievance leads to him reporting Liam to the police, and when Liam is arrested Alex sleeps with his wife Chloe, twice! This goes nowhere as Alex and Chloe realise it was just their shared annoyance in Liam’s behaviour, and she loves her husband while Alex loves Lynda.


Upon learning how the owner's very first instruction was for Felix to sign the Rose brothers, and with evidence that Casper was involved in a plot to set Ryan up for match fixing, Alex confronts his star striker. To his shock, Casper admits all, that he is the owner and has been controlling Alex’s life, before taunting Alex about being nothing without his 'help'. Alex loses control, and hits Cass in the head with a jar of ink which kills him. At the reading of Casper’s will, Alex gets the first of two bombshells when it is revealed Terry Rose is his real father, and was the one originally writing to Alex with Casper continuing following his death. This also means Alex will inherrit the club with Eugene. Alex is consumed with guilt and is determined to confess, only for Lynda to reveal she is pregnant with his child. Lynda however, becomes the prime suspect for Casper’s murder, and Alex drastically frames his good friend and Cass’ fiancée, Ashleigh King to save Lynda, hoping Ashleigh will get a diminished responsibility verdict.


Alex and Lynda try to concentrate on the future, with the baby coming and running the club into the 2006-07 season. Alex also makes his two proudest signings as manager at this time - European stars Miguel Lopez and Pavel Kovac. Detective Burrows will not let go of his suspicions about Lynda though, and after she ends up in hospital with the stress putting the baby in danger, she runs away from Harchester. The truth about Alex and Chloe becomes public knowledge, and with the team refusing to play for him, Alex must do the right thing.


After selling the club to Terry Harrison and appointing his old Sheffield Wednesday team mate Jimmy Craig as Harchester’s new manager, Alex turns himself in to Burrows, taking full responsibility for Casper’s death and protecting Lynda from prosecution. His trial would have been held in 2007, following which he would have returned to Lynda and his child.