Gina Moliano (Kara Tointon) 2000, 2004-2005

Guest Appearance: 3.27 (#167)  Tuesday 18th January 2000 - 3.28 (#168)  Thursday 20th January 2000

First Regular Appearance: 8.10 (#334) Who Ate All The Pies?  Sunday 19th December 2004

Last Regular Appearance: 8.32 (#356) Play Off  Sunday 29th May 2005

Duration: EP: 167 - 168, 334 - 356 ½ SE: 3.27 – 3.28, 8.10 – 8.32

Position: Student (2000) / Team Co-Ordinator (2005)

Last Seen: Grief-stricken upon being told the news of fiancée Karl Fletcher’s death. Leaves off-screen shortly afterwards.

From an Italian-English family, Gina was the Moliano's youngest and only daughter, with three older brothers raised to be hardened footballers. Eddie was next in line to Gina, and the two were close, with Gina turning up unexpectedly to visit Eddie during Michael Dillon's engagement party. Thinking he'd sent her home in a taxi, Gina is soon in the bed of Eddie's team mate, Scott Lucas, who knows her only as "Mel." When Scott shows off his latest conquest to the lads, Eddie is sickened to see it is Gina - who is only sixteen years old! Gina is so upset at Scott bringing his team mates to watch their making out that her two thuggish brothers Tony and Marco come and beat Scott up.

Four years later, Gina is working in a bar in Southern Spain when she meets another of Eddie's old HUFC team mates, Karl Fletcher. Fletch is living an isolated lifestyle; playing for Real Murcia only when getting the call, and not in the best of shape physically after splitting from wife Abi. Gina helps to mend his broken heart, an age gap of twelve years means nothing to her, and the two fall deeply in love.

When Harchester are at the Nou Camp to play Barcelona, Dean Boyle publicly announces Fletch is returning to the club, but he and Gina find themselves back in Harchester for another reason. Byron, a boy in the youth academy has put down Fletch as his father, knowing his mom once dated Karl. Fletch is harsh to the boy and sees to it that he is dumped by the academy, something that appalls Gina. She only returns to Fletch after seeing Byron has been reinstated.

With Fletch not in shape for the Premier League, he goes away to get fit, while manager Don Barker is impressed by Gina's handling of Fletch's affairs and offers her the position of Team Co-ordinator. Gina's role also sees her involved in a number of personal situations, with Don insisting she support his daughter Jodie through her marital woes. Gina is a loyal friend to Jodie, and is a confidant when Jodie decides against having an abortion.

However thanks to Don, Gina is accidentally poisoned (the day after Fletch has had a one night stand with Jodie) and consumed with guilt and the fear he could lose her altogether, Fletch proposes to Gina on her hospital bed, which she accepts. When Karl is charged with Gina's poisoning, she is outraged and berates the team into paying Fletch's bail. He is released, but then killed by Don, which an inconsolable Gina learns at the Play Off final. After more of her friends are killed by Don in the subsequent explosion, Gina feels she can not stay at the club which will always be associated with Karl, and leaves.