Season 9 Episode 31

Episode 387


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 14th May 2006


Directed By

Joss Agnew


GS: DCI Burrows (Matthew Dennison)  Lawyer [Joan Solomon] (Biddy Wells)  DC Jameson (Ward Parry)


The FA Cup is delivered under heavy guard to the Lair, and the team each excitedly wait for their turn to pose in a shot with it. As Danny stands for his, we flashback to him lying in bed with Amy the night before, where he conveys to her his worries over Dempsey's current commitment to the team. Ryan and Hector are next, and the night before they are shown bantering about their chances for Germany. Ryan isn't too hopeful after not playing for nearly two months, but Hector reminds him this will be the game to prove himself to Sven. The extent of Gavin's worries once again revolve around family problems, and being torn between Cindi and his own family.



Liam receives word that the hearing on his future has been rescheduled for May 14th, the day after the Cup game. Alex meanwhile, is attending a meeting with Lynda and her lawyer, who assures Lynda that Burrows doesn't have enough to pin anything on her. Lynda gets worried when Alex tells her he is leaving for Cardiff, as she is sure Burrows is waiting for that moment to come and get her. They go up to their room to discuss it further, and Alex notices one of Eugene's shirts lying on the side. He then spots a jar of ink sitting out in the open and realises what Lynda is planning! He yells that she is not doing this to his brother and demands she hand over the ink, which at first Lynda is reluctant to do. Probably to keep an eye on her, Alex tells Lynda she is coming to Cardiff with him. As they board the coach with the rest of the team, Burrows turns up and tells Lynda he is arresting her for the murder of Casper Rose, as of that morning they have the evidence to do so. Lynda is taken away and Alex promises he'll get her out, missing the coach to Cardiff in doing so.


Alex arrives at the team hotel by nightfall, as Ashleigh makes a speech to the lads on how far they've come since the beginning of the season where the club had only three players. She tells them they've had a lot to deal with this season, adding jokingly the worst thing being a female coach. The lads are told by Alex to get an early night, but Gavin is one of many unable to sleep. Soon the entire team (bar Hector, which should have been an alarm bell that he was on his way out) are in the hotel lounge about to take each other on in a game of table tennis. They decide to play Sully for the Captain's armband and get stuck in, as Ashleigh makes a desperate visit to Alex's room. Ashleigh tells Alex she remembers standing outside Casper's room, and banging furiously on the door. But that's all, and she is left believing that it must have been her. Alex listens intently as Ashleigh continues to blame herself, and she says to know the full truth she will have to go under hypnosis.


Alex is about to leave the hotel when he comes across Liam and Danny out of their rooms. He is more concerned however with getting back to Harchester and drives off into the night as the team continue their game. Alex, who has seemingly been possessed by Don Barker, arrives back at the club under the cover of darkness, where he immediately limps off to the physio room. There, he places rubber gloves on and sneaks away with a towel before making his way to The Grange. He gains access to Lynda's room where she kept the jar of ink, and soaks the towel in the black liquid. At the team hotel, it is just Liam and Danny left in the table tennis match, and Sully is finally beaten. Liam says he doesn't want the captain's armband, but Danny reminds him a bet is a bet. The lads now realise that it is daylight and Cup Final day has arrived.


As the lads get ready in the Millennium Stadium dressing room, Alex watches as Ashleigh walks around with her sports bag. Eugene comes over and thanks his brother for picking him, adding that Casper would be proud of him. As Alex gives his team talk, he learns that Liam is captain for today, and Sully warns Alex to leave it alone as it could be Liam's last game. Liam tells the lads they need eleven captains out there today, and addresses Danny, Ryan and Tyson on their unfinished business from last year with this place. As the team head out, Ashleigh hugs Alex and tells him it's been great working with him this season. During the first half, to everyone's surprise, Alex leaves the bench and is back inside the dressing room alone, stuffing the ink soaked towel into Ashleigh's bag. He gets back outside just in time to see Fàbregas score, taking Arsenal one up against Harchester.


When the team come in for half time, Alex deliberately sends Ashleigh to fetch tape from her bag, in order for her to discover the towel. Ashleigh does, and in shock she screams is it ink on the towel. The team stop in stunned silence, and Alex takes Ashleigh to another room on her own. He returns to the dressing room and tells a badly affected Eugene he is taking him off, substituting him with Tyson (ultimately the best decision). He tells the lads to forget about Ashleigh and the murder for the next 45 minutes, and to only concentrate on winning. The second half kicks off, and Lynda is shockingly allowed to watch from the interview room at the Harchester police station. She gets stroppy with Burrows when he comes in to do his job and switches it off. Burrows interrogates Lynda, saying she couldn't take it being Casper who was the one controlling everything, what with him being just 23 years old too. He asks Lynda was it easier the second time round?


Ashleigh is convinced the towel is the proof that she really did kill Casper, and with Alex by her side, she is manipulated into turning herself into the police. Burrows has reduced Lynda to tears with his persistence that she is guilty. Suddenly DC Jameson comes in and informs Burrows that Ashleigh King has confessed, leaving Lynda confused. Two goals from Tyson and Harchester are on course to win, as Ashleigh is about to be taken away by the police. Lynda leaves the police station with Joan, as Burrows calls behind her that he will be seeing her around. The final whistle goes at the Millennium and Harchester have beaten Arsenal to win the FA Cup. The celebrations are in full flow on the pitch as Danny lifts the cup, followed by Liam.


By nightfall, the cup is back at the Dragons Lair, sitting on the boardroom table. Lynda and Alex discuss what will happen to Ashleigh now and whether or not Alex did the right thing. Amy comes in and hands Lynda the post, before Alex takes a call from Brian Barwick at the FA. As she sorts through the letters, Lynda comes across one addressed to her and 'Alex Rose' in familiar handwriting. It is then she realises it is the owner's handwriting - as in Casper's! She opens the letter as Alex comes off the phone to tell her he has a meeting with the FA on Monday morning, and excitedly believes he is in line to be offered the England job. Lynda is more occupied with the letter and passing it to Alex says it reads simply "I Know." The two are stunned as Lynda tells Alex it's all over.




·          Last appearances of regular characters Ryan Naysmith (Ricky Whittle) and Hector Da Silva (Pedro Cunha). Ryan leaves off-screen following the World Cup, to be sold to Villa Real, as Ricky Whittle landed the regular role of Calvin Valentine in “Hollyoaks” and began filming before production returned for Season 10. He makes a cameo return alongside Alison King for DT’s final episode in 419: The Final Whistle Part 2. Hector is sold to Bayern Munich and also leaves off-screen with only a mention in 388: Dragon Till I Die.


       Also last appearances of recurring team players who are sold over the summer transfer window: Franco Rossi (Lonyo Engele), Tim Clancy and Jodie Carter (Scott Forrester). Tim Clancy goes on to play as a full back for Kilmarnock in the Scottish Premier League, from 2007 onwards. Writer/Executive Producer Ben Harris leaves the series at this point, having written on 38 episodes since #218 in Season 4 and first leaving after 324: A Matter Of Life And Death, before returning to write and produce from 357: Phoenix From The Flames.


The Best: Ashleigh telling Alex how much she’s enjoyed working with him this year, followed by her finding the planted towel in her bag. One sentence: “I did it Alex.” Poor Ashleigh. Harchester winning the FA Cup of course. The letter at the end, ‘I Know.’ Well it wouldn’t have been right if Season 9 didn’t finish on another mystery. The table tennis match was a bit cheesy. And basically just great to be out of Season 9 - to it’s credit, it’s never as bad when you watch again, and this was the season where the most successful TV actors all appeared at the same time. But with the admitted-changing of the ownership story, viewers being led to believe a past character would be the owner, plus other re-writes maybe due to this, it’s understandable why Season 9 is mostly remembered as the least favourite by most DT fans.


·          Foreshadowing: Burrows telling Lynda he will see her around [389: Taking Your Chances onwards].


What Was The Score?: Tyson saves the day with a 2-1 victory over Arsenal, to bring Harchester their first (Premiership) silverware home since 1999 (#140).


·          Soundtrack: Jeff Buckley: "Hallelujah",  Les Rythmes Digitales: "Jacques Your Body."


Behind The Scenes: As he didn't have a leaving scene due to starting on Hollyoaks, Ricky Whittle revealed to viewers on at the time of his exit on his disappointment with how things had worked out for Ryan this season, and what had originally been planned this year:


Ryan was supposed to spend longer grieving for his team mates, thus his game being affected. Hector was to arrive as he did in the January transfer and upon seeing he had no friends in the dressing room, Ryan would take him under his wing. Hector’s girlfriend would then arrive posing as his sister in order to get a visa, and use Ryan to get this. Ryan would then discover he was still married to his teenage girlfriend (pre arriving in Harchester) and ultimately dump Hector’s “sister” in order to remarry his real love. The abandonment of that story saw the end of Hector in the series, and contributed to Ricky's decision to look for work elsewhere.


There were also rumours of another story which didn't materialise, where Amy would turn out to be a daughter Lynda had given up having been made pregnant by Terry Rose, when aged around 14 (for the ages to match up). We were aware of Terry’s womanising ways throughout, including being seen going after Jessica Hibbs who could have been no more than 15 years old in the War Of The Roses scene set in 1997. But again it never happened.


 In all it's glory

The monthly occurance of Lynda hearing "You're nicked"



 All in their PJ's in public?! How

 did no photographers get this?

Gasp! An ink stained towel!



 Last half time at HUFC for Ryan

 and Hector

What's this? I'm free and someone innocent goes down, again?



 Not over yet...

Well you did bring this on yourselves!

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