Dream Team 80’s (2006) Timeline





Episode 1



Mike Maynard arrives in Harchester’s Youth Team. He meets Susan Porter, Terry’s girlfriend, while Kevin meets Isabelle Mackay, Al’s wife.



Mike and Susan begin seeing each other in secret. On Christmas Day Terry proposes to Susan, only to learn the truth about her and Mike.

Mike is promoted to the First Team, but on the Boxing Day match suffers a bad injury to his knee and is taken out of the game.

Kevin and Isabelle begin their secret relationship.








Episode 2





Mike’s playing career is officially over and he leaves to return to Chester.



Ann Kavanagh arrives as HUFC’s receptionist. Terry is promoted to the first team.



Al is promoted to Reserve Team Manager.

Terry and Jonny meet Mike again, who is working as a car salesman.

Terry is put back under Al in the reserves after failing to impress in the first team.






Mike begins working as Jonny’s agent.

Studs nightclub has it’s Grand opening, owned originally by Jonny.

Mike and Susan become engaged, while Terry and Ann get together.

Isabelle realises her relationship with Kevin will never work, and leaves both him and Al behind.











Mike and Susan marry, and Mike now has his own agenting business.



Al has descended into alcoholism since Isabelle left, and Kevin is now practically looking after him.



After his brother is badly beaten, Terry decides to change his ways and make his family proud, selling his car and putting Ann first.

Al too tries to sort his life out, but Kevin refuses to continue being his carer. Al quits as Reserve Team Manager shortly afterwards.

Mike begins representing Kevin, and before long he has joined Terry in the first team squad.







As predicted by Mike, Harry Sidwell is replaced by Kenny Bruce as manager.



Disillusioned with the way football is heading (greed and agents etc), Sidwell sells the club to Clive Hawes and retires permanently from the game.


Episode 3





Dream Inc. begin their sponsorship of Harchester United.

Ann is pregnant with Terry’s child, and at his Stag Night Susan admits she wishes she’d married him instead of Mike. Terry has mixed feelings but goes ahead and marries Ann.



Al dies following years of drinking, and when visiting his grave, Kevin sees Isabelle with a child. He realises the boy, Archie, is his son from his relationship with Isabelle.



Worried that Bruce’s formation is hindering Kevin’s chances for the Mexico World Cup, Mike begins blackmailing the Gaffer into playing Kevin his way.

Susan tells Terry she is finishing with Mike, and the two sleep together.

Kevin visits Isabelle, who tells him she wants him to let Archie go, as he has a father in her new husband.

Kevin has to tell Terry that Ann has gone into labour, and catches him with Susan. Ann gives birth to a son and Terry promises he’ll never let her down again.



Harchester face Manchester City to decide whether they will win the Title for the first time in their history.

Kevin and Terry discover that Mike has been blackmailing Bruce, and Kevin drops him as his agent. Susan then finds Mike with cocaine, and announces she is filing for divorce.

Harchester win the Title with two goals from Kevin and Jonny. Kevin learns he has been selected for Mexico, and gives Mike, who believes he has lost everything, his job of representing him back.



Kevin scores for England while playing in the ’86 World Cup.