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31 December 2011

10.30 (417) You've Got Mail reviewed. The final two episodes of Season 10 and DT itself will be added in the coming days.

Recurring updated.


Happy New Year to everyone who's visited the site and continues to do so, over it's first full year online. December has seen our highest number of visitors in a single month since opening in July 2010, 191 unique with more than 67,000 hits in 2011.


2012 will be the year of the character profiles, regular, recurring and guest so it will be easier to picture who everyone was and their role etc. I'm throwing myself into this after 10.32 is added.

With the profiles, I'll also be on top for new interviews again, which I know a lot of people wait patiently for. As always, it will come down to whether actors/crew want to do them, but seeing how approachable several were with me and the many who were keen on harchesterunited.org this year, I think we'll get going again soon.

It's always very good of any actor or crew member to give us their time, as it's more work for them (which they don't get paid for) and they always have a lot of other stuff going on these days whether it's new jobs/professions or families of their own. So thanks to all who've spoken with me this year.


29 December 2011

10.29 (416) The Wedding Sinner reviewed.

Recurring updated.


27 December 2011

10.28 (415) Voices reviewed.

Recurring updated.


23 December 2011

10.27 (414) Sacrifice reviewed.

Recurring characters updated.


21 December 2011

Chelsea Wright (Karen Ferrari) profile added.


19 December 2011

September 2011 archive added.


18 December 2011

10.26 (413) Witch Hunt reviewed.

Timeline updated for Kim Sullivan's (Natasha Symms) last episode and her statistics added to Tenures.

Recurring updated for 10.26.


15 December 2011

10.25 (412) Fire Fighting reviewed.

A-M and Recurring updated.


12 December 2011

10.24 (411) Dragonslayer reviewed.

Timeline updated for Fletch's return.

A-M and Recurring updated for 10.24.


09 December 2011

10.23 (410) Fever reviewed. Recurring and A-M updated.

Michael Melia (Jerry Block) will be appearing in "Doctors" on Monday (13:45 BBC1, 16:00 BBC HD). Good to see him on the box again.

Was taking a look at this thread on the Operation Sports forum, giving an insight into DT's run in America on Fox Soccer (Channel). From the sounds of things, they saw Season 2 as late as possibly 2003, as Season 5 started there in August 2005 judging by the dates of the first posts. The last time the UK saw anything of Season 2 was summer 1999! All in all, very interesting to see how the show was received in the States.


06 December 2011

10.22 (409) When Samedi Comes reviewed.

Recurring updated.


04 December 2011

10.21 (408) The House Always Wins reviewed.

Recurring characters updated.


03 December 2011

10.20 (407) Truth Hurts added.

Recurring and A-M updated for 10.20.