Producers Rod Brown, Judith Dine   Series Producer John Salthouse   Executive Producer Jane Hewland

(OPEN) 3.1 (#141)

Tuesday 21st September 1999

The victim of the Wembley shooting is revealed. Lynda is recovering slowly from her ordeal, and is totally under Jerry's control. Sean is fighting inner demons - and new signing Scott Lucas! Luis is struggling to keep order within the team.

3.2 (#142)

Thursday 23rd September 1999

In his plan to get Leon on his books, Biloo invites Julie to travel with him to the Ajax game. Luis is still trying to get in touch with Lynda, but it seems Jerry has succeeded in turning her against him. With his head a mess, Sean tries to contact Dean.

3.3 (#143)

Tuesday 28th September 1999

In Amsterdam, Scott gets into trouble in a strip club so Sean and Leon help him. Ann can see right through Biloo's intentions with Julie. Michael's suspicious of Luis' meeting with Johnny Ritzenella and Billy's European debut becomes a nightmare.

3.4 (#144)

Thursday 30th September 1999

Harchester come back against Ajax thanks to a goal from Sean. After the game it seems he and Scott have found new respect. Leon gives Julie her surprise. A series of twists of fate see several of the team accepting a ride home on Biloo's private plane.

3.5 (#145)

Tuesday 5th October 1999

The team arrive home to the news that Biloo's plane is missing. While Jerry learns he has lost millions in insurance, Lynda is elated to see Luis is alive. Kelly breaks down upon learning that Julie got engaged, while Billy is taking Leon's loss badly.

3.6 (#146)

Thursday 7th October 1999

When Jerry pushes the Chelsea game only 48 hours after the crash, the team play in memory of those lost. Wes decides to sign for the club. Billy and Kelly find some comfort when Clare visits - and offers Billy the chance to be Clayton's godfather.

3.7 (#147)

Tuesday 12th October 1999

At the memorial for the plane crash dead, Frank has some advice for grieving Billy, and Scott's mouth earns him a right-hook from Fletch. Luis is forced to answer the team over his possible leaving, while Marilyn gets to work on Jerry's financial woes.

3.8 (#148)

Thursday 14th October 1999

Marilyn's attempts to get the upcoming Rangers game postponed go awry, but dinner with Luis provides some compromise. Eddie and the boys visit Billy's flat, but when interest is shown in Leon's possessions he throws them out and breaks down.

3.9 (#149)

Tuesday 19th October 1999

Luis visits his old friend Ray at his farm in Devon, and after seeing Ray's still-present passion for the game, wife Kitty convinces him to accept Luis' job offer. Lynda listens solemnly as Marilyn gushes about her blossoming friendship with Luis.

3.10 (#150)

Thursday 21st October 1999

Jerry takes Marilyn out for dinner to celebrate her new deal at the club, knowing Lynda will see Luis there with her. Ray's bowling night out to bond with the team is a success, while Wes shows Scott what he will do about his continued jibes.

3.11 (#151)

Tuesday 26th October 1999

As the squad leaves for Glasgow, Michael is given the responsibility of watching over Wes and Billy, but he is distracted by Ann and her business deal. The team are preparing to fly for the first time since the crash, and Billy suffers a panic attack.

3.12 (#152)

Thursday 28th October 1999

As the team face Rangers, Lynda and Ann escape their men to explore the city, and attract the interest of two locals. Suspended in Harchester, Billy's depression takes it's toll on Kelly, as they fight over their dead friends before sharing a kiss.

3.13 (#153)  
Tuesday 2nd November 1999
The police investigation over the Wembley shooting returns and takes over the club and Jerry's businesses. Lynda is fearing for her life having learnt D.I. Dawson believes she was the intended target, and suspects Jerry knows who shot her and why.

3.14 (#154)

Thursday 4th November 1999

Jerry and Marilyn have more problems when Dream Inc. withhold their sponsorship money because of the ongoing police investigation. Ann's attempt to poach Eddie as a client causes Michael to flip and makes lunges at he and Scott.

3.15 (#155)

Tuesday 9th November 1999

With the team at each other's throats following another loss, Luis and Ray suggest they air their differences, with the main problem clearly between Michael and Scott. Lynda grills Marilyn on whether she knows from Jerry who might have shot her.

3.16 (#156)

Thursday 11th November 1999

Rangers come to the Dragons Lair. Scott is not happy to be starting on the bench - with Wes! Didier Baptiste arrives as an old friend of Luis and Ray's. Gordon Gallagher gets acquainted amongst the sponsors - and Marilyn and Ann wonder who he is!

3.17 (#157)

Tuesday 16th November 1999

Harchester celebrate qualifying for the next round of the Champions League. Didier considers moving to the club, to Luis and Ray's excitement, and Kitty convinces Ray to stay on longer. Jerry arrives home from the game to find Lynda has left him.

3.18 (#158)

Thursday 18th November 1999

With Jerry's mind on Lynda, Gordon takes charge at the management meeting, pushing for the salure of Michael to bring in Didier, which Luis is against. Lynda visits her sister Angie, and makes a decision about her future. Kelly eyes a new career.

3.19 (#159)

Tuesday 23rd November 1999

Didier's agent rejects his contract offered by Harchester. Luis and Ray consult Jeff Stein on Scott's status. Michael and Ann think they've found their perfect house. Jerry warns Lynda when she demands a divorce. She then spots Luis with Marilyn. 

3.20 (#160)

Thursday 25th November 1999

Marilyn travels to Carole Lucas' house to persuade Scott to return to Harchester, but he and Jeff are determined to punish the club for leaving him on the bench. Gordon gets through to Scott and he makes a sheepish return to the team, and face Luis.

3.21 (#161)

Tuesday 30th November 1999

Luis reluctantly gives Michael the truth on his Harchester future, while the team are disheartened at his handling of the Didier move. Kelly finally throws in the towel at the club, but Ann offers her a ray of hope. Zena may finally have her way with Wes!

3.22 (#162)

Thursday 2nd December 1999

Michael visits The Valley and resigns himself to a future at Charlton. Ann, who now wants to stay in Harchester, is given an ultimatum to join Michael or they're over. Jerry is excited when D.I Dawson reveals the police investigation is winding down.

3.23 (#163)

Tuesday 7th December 1999

Thinking Luis has taken up with Marilyn, Lynda returns to Jerry. Ann gets Barbara Finch's approval to be Didier's PR representative, while he himself is given his initiation by the team. Scott finds himself ignored by the squad upon rejoining.

3.24 (#164)

Thursday 9th December 1999

Marilyn unassumingly confides in Lynda when Luis ends things. Jerry offers Gordon the role of Director of Football. Kelly and Ann have disastrous PR outings with Eddie and Didier, which brings Ann to decide it's time to end things with Michael.

3.25 (#165)

Tuesday 14th December 1999

Michael's time at Charlton comes to an end when he is discovered to be suffering from arthritis in his hip. Gordon manipulates a furious Jerry into blaming the club doctor. Ann finds Michael back in her life just as she has sold their house.

3.26 (#166)

Thursday 16th December 1999

At Upton Park, Jerry is terrorised when Mr. Mackinley returns, and threatens to kill Luis there and then to get the further half million he is owed! He comes face to face with Lynda, and gives Jerry two weeks to get his money. Luis suffers cartilage damage during the game, though he and Lynda are reunited, he will have to go to America for an operation. Gordon is delighted to step in as acting manager. Harchester beat West Ham to reach the last 16 of the Champions League.

3.27 (#167)  
Tuesday 18th January 2000

Mr. Mackinley continues to taunt Jerry, and Marilyn is suspicious of his behaviour. Michael and Ann hold their engagement party, where Eddie is not pleased to see a surprise arrival. Though Scott takes the mystery young woman back to his!

3.28 (#168)

Thursday 20th January 2000

Having seen off Mr. Mackinley, Jerry is now investigated by D.I. Dawson over the money he withdrew. Marilyn fears Jerry has involved her in a fraud, and confronts Lynda. Scott discovers his latest squeeze "Mel" is in fact Eddie's teenaged sister, Gina!

3.29 (#169)

Tuesday 25th January 2000

Scott tries to dodge Eddie's brothers after his encounter with Gina, but they catch up with him and aren't friendly. Kelly and Wes bond, while Jerry seems to have convinced Lynda, Marilyn and D.I. Dawson that Councillor Lal was behind the shooting.

3.30 (#170)

Thursday 27th January 2000

Jerry sees Councillor Lal carted away by the police after being confronted at the house in front of Lynda. Scott asks Ann for help with his public image. Gordon's managerial decisions see Didier red carded and Harchester out at the FA Cup 4th Round.

3.31 (#171)

Tuesday 1st February 2000

Resigned to a stint in prison, Jerry offers the club to Marilyn and Lynda in his absense. Billy goes to play for the England U21's. Scott and Eddie restore their public images at Ann's press conference. And Lynda's troublesome sister Maxine arrives.

3.32 (#172)

Thursday 3rd February 2000

Jerry accuses Marilyn of leaking confidential stories to the press, before confiding in his pal Gordon. Gordon gets on the blower to continue funding his gambling addiction. Maxine intergrates herself with the players, to Lynda's embarrassment.

3.33 (#173)

Tuesday 8th February 2000

Marilyn confronts Lynda, suspecting she was behind the story about Luis and her in the press, only to feel the force of Maxine's nasty tongue. Ray learns Kitty has gone into labour. Michael is irritated at Ann neglecting him for work with Scott.

3.34 (#174)

Thursday 10th February 2000

Maxine pushes Lynda into going to dinner with Didier, before dropping her in it with Jerry. Gordon takes revenge on new dad Ray with a call to Hankin. Ann is spending more time with Scott, and misses her and Michael's meeting with the vicar.

3.35 (#175)  
Tuesday 15th February 2000 Ray gets hold of Hankin and makes him admit Gordon was behind his Kitty revelations. Upon learning Lynda is at dinner with Didier again, Jerry takes it out on Maxine, and reveals too much about how he dealt with her last companion Luis before.

3.36 (#176)

Thursday 17th February 2000

Marilyn plots with Ray and Kitty to rid Gordon from the club. On her hen night, Scott begs Ann not to marry Michael, as it's he she should be with. Maxine tells Lynda what Jerry said to her, leaving Lynda convinced Jerry set up the shooting at Wembley.

3.37 (#177)

Tuesday 22nd February 2000

Ann calls off her wedding to Michael, and the truth comes out about she and Scott. Humiliated, Michael tells the team he must leave Harchester. Marilyn sets the trap for Gordon, and soon he is telling Hankin all about Lynda and Didier's romance!

3.38 (#178)

Thursday 24th February 2000

Lynda goes to D.I. Dawson with what she's learnt, but is told it isn't enough to arrest Jerry for the shooting. Gordon is exposed for his stories and betting against the team. Marilyn and Ray force him to come clean to Jerry, and he gets a punch.

3.39 (#179)

Tuesday 29th February 2000

Gordon leaves in shame, following run-ins with Scott, Jerry and Marilyn. Michael gets a revised offer from Charlton, but hopes he and Ann can reunite. Lynda tells Maxine her suspicions on Jerry, only for her sister to agree with him that she needs help.

3.40 (#180)

Thursday 2nd March 2000

Wes is struck down with meningitis and falls into a coma. Kelly is heartbroken as she waits. There is fear the team may be at risk so the Midlands derby is postponed, to Jerry's inconvenience. Scott is unhappy when Ann brings her business to his flat.

3.41 (#181)

Tuesday 7th March 2000

Lynda makes a desperate run from Jerry and Maxine, only for Ray to fetch them when Lynda tells him of her hitman suspicions. Eddie learns his worrying symptoms are due to a deodorant change. Wes wakes to Kelly admitting she loves him.

3.42 (#182)

Thursday 9th March 2000

Knowing he wants a new contract, Scott suggests Billy get represented by Jeff. At a full boardroom meeting on the club's dire finances, Lynda publicly accuses Jerry of murder. Marilyn contacts an old friend in view of bringing investment to the club.

3.43 (#183)

Tuesday 14th March 2000

Marilyn is concerned at Prash's eagerness to be much more than an investor at the club. Jerry and Maxine have sinister plans for Lynda to stop her allegations. Lynda can take no more, and meets Luis at the airport upon his return from San Diego.

3.44 (#184)

Thursday 16th March 2000

With Luis on her side, Lynda faces a showdown with Jerry and Maxine. Lynda disowns her sister while Luis, after resigning as manager and requesting a transfer, punches Jerry. Jeff advises Billy to start to see Ray as his boss and not a father-figure.

3.45 (#185)

Tuesday 21st March 2000

Lynda is surprised to learn from Marilyn exactly how much stake she has in Harchester United, all thanks to Jerry. Jerry is not impressed that Marilyn has brought Prash in over his head. D.I. Dawson prepares Lynda to record Jerry admitting his crime.

3.46 (#186)

Thursday 23rd March 2000

Luis and D.I. Dawson listen through the recording device as Lynda persists to taunt Jerry into a confession. Snapping, Jerry admits she is right about the shooting, but it is lost under the crowd noise as Harchester go through to the UEFA Cup Finals.

3.47 (#187)  
Tuesday 28th March 2000

 Lynda attempts to record Jerry again, but he catches her out this time. Jerry is angry Marilyn has put his Chairmanship at risk of Prash, and fires her. When Lynda demands £5M for her shares, Prash cuts his ties with Marilyn and she leaves Harchester.

3.48 (#188)

Thursday 30th March 2000

Harchester face Real Mallorca at the Lair. Fletch tells Ray he wants a return to the club. Lynda thinks selling her shares to Prash over Jerry is the best option, but finds the answer when Fletch presents Luis with Sean's video of the FA Cup Final day.

3.49 (#189)

Tuesday 4th April 2000

In Mallorca, Scott takes his split from Ann out on Eddie and insults an interested girl. Kelly spends the day working with Fletch, while he wants to reignite old times between them. Getting drunk, Kelly sleeps with him, and Scott sees them together.

3.50 (#190)

Thursday 6th April 2000

Lynda presents the tape to Jerry, leaving him with no choice but to go along with her orders. As he makes a sombre exit to Rio, Maxine is finally sent packing. Scott blackmails Kelly to keep quiet of what he saw. Harchester are out of the UEFA Cup.

3.51 (#191)

Tuesday 11th April 2000

On Lynda's first day in charge of the club, she has to contend with Fletch's public re-signing, Billy barricading himself in the toilets as his transfer to West Ham looms, and having to approach Prash for extra money in order to have both at the club.

3.52 (#192)

Thursday 13th April 2000

Lynda's radio phone-in to reassure the fans of her leadership backfires when her car is vandalised. A troubled Kelly confides in Ann about her night with Fletch in Mallorca. Scott is on a downward spiral, and has to be pulled away from Ann by Didier.

3.53 (#193)  
Wednesday 19th April 2000 Lynda's negotiations with Prash are stalled as D.I. Dawson questions her on Jerry's disappearance. A fight between Fletch and  Scott follows a draw with Coventry. Ray recognises that Scott is out of control and tells him he needs therapy for his own good.

3.54 (#194)

Thursday 20th April 2000

Scott is more down than ever on his birthday. A visit from Ann convinces him therapy would get him back to himself again. Things are still strained between Luis and Lynda, and after a drinking session, he invites Didier to move in at the house!

3.55 (#195)  
Wednesday 26th April 2000 Luis and Fletch nearly have a full-on fight as Harchester edge toward the bottom of the table. Scott has his first therapy session but causes trouble for Ann in the Players' Lounge afterwards. Didier is shocked to see his wife, Victoria turn up at the club.

3.56 (#196)

Thursday 27th April 2000

Wes plays a blinder in the reserves, as Fletch presents Kelly with a dasterdly ultimatum, which she decides to go through with. Victoria is back on with Didier, and is unwelcome to Ann's presence. Things are getting bitter between Luis and Lynda.

3.57 (#197)

Tuesday 2nd May 2000

Scott has a breakthrough with his therapist as Harchester face Sunderland in a must-win game. Scott opens up about his worries as a player, and his hurt at splitting with Ann. Luis' latest move is thwarted as Lynda backs off selling to Prash, again.

3.58 (#198)

Thursday 4th May 2000

Scott reveals his pain over his absent father to his therapist. Lynda comes to a difficult decision when Luis says he wants to return home to Argentina. Didier and Victoria agree their relationship is over, which means Didier has some paying up to do!

3.59 (#199)

Tuesday 9th May 2000

When Lynda tells him she will only sell if Harchester are relegated, Prash comes up with a wicked plan to finally get the club, but will Didier take the risk he offers just to pay off Victoria? Billy is arrested, while Wes proposes to Kelly, and gets a yes!

3.60 (#200)

Thursday 11th May 2000

After a shocking 5-1 defeat to Man United at Old Trafford, Ray punishes the team on the journey home by making them listen to fans' complaints on a radio phone-in. This leads to the lads sniping until the truth of Fletch and Kelly is revealed to Wes.

3.61 (#201)

Tuesday 16th May 2000

With a broken jaw, Fletch is ruled out of the club's Premier League decider against Spurs. Kelly vows to make Fletch pay when Wes finishes with her. Luis finalises his deal with Boca Juniors. Didier and Prash prepare to see Harchester relegated.

3.62 (#202)

Thursday 18th May 2000

As the press harass Kelly over Fletch, her humiliation is complete when Ann ends her involvement at Patterson PR. Fletch is left squirming when Kelly's revenge sees his Lamborghini crushed. Victoria wastes no time spending Didier's money from Prash, and when learning of its origin, drops hints in front of Lynda. When Lynda confronts Prash she tells him she will only sell if Harchester stay in the Premiership. With Didier about to take an all-important penalty, Prash rushes to make sure it's the right result...